Todd Watts


2024 The Second Law
2023 His Mood, Her Mood
  Now and Then
  You Know, Tell the Others
2022 Whirlwind
2021 Naked City
2020 Different Kinds of Air 10
2019 Strange Brew
  Maybe Miracles
2018 Remember Peonies?
2016–2014 Blanchard Weather Report
2014 Our Dragons
2012 Blue Guns and Gold
  The Last Supper
  First Uncertainty
2010 Perfidy
  Our Fires, Their Flames
  String Too Short To Use
  Their Many Symmetries | These Circles of Confusion
2009 Text Message: Whatever
  Some Float, Some Don't
2008 The Caterpillar's Conundrum
  A Little Moonlight, Borestone Mountain Audubon Sanctuary
  Birds for Bruce Brown 1
  Birds for Bruce Brown 4 & 5
  Different Kinds of Air 6
  A Shadow Too Many 4
  Different Kinds of Air | A Shadow Too Many
2007 Foiled Farm | Copse Caper Portfolio
1997 Passenger Pigeon
1996 A Monkey's Tail
1994 Are We Not Men, Study for a Frieze: Silhouettes
  Pea Field: You Just Have to Decide About the Color and the Alignment
1992 Are We Not Men, Study for a Frieze, Particles
1990 The Very Last Old Man